Spontaneous WisCon Programming: The Handmaid’s Tale

I made it safe and sound to WisCon, the bestest academic conference in the world.

No seriously, it is amazing.  In addition to panels by both academics and sci fi fans we have:

  • a clothing swap
  • a book exchange
  • gaming and crafting circles
  • readings by authors and an artists’ gallery
  • a dance party
  • a vidding party featuring fan-created mashups of tv and movies
  • a makerspace (this year we are doing “textile circuits”)
  • … and probably lots more that I haven’t checked out yet in the last three years

Ya’ll it is an amazing place and one of the best organized, most responsive, most inclusive conventions I’ve ever been to.

But I digress.

The only thing that is kinda sad about WisCon is that its programming is set far enough ahead in advance that sometimes there aren’t any scheduled panels for brand new shows.  This year’s most egregious missing piece: the amazing and gorgeously shot and haunting and funny and tragic Hulu series based on Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale.


And yet, the brilliant organizers of the convention have a solution to this as well!  They reserve space and time for “spontaneous programming,” where attendees can gather to talk about topics that didn’t make the cut off for the official schedule.

So, if you are at WisCon, come meet me on Saturday at 4 pm in University D to talk about The Handmaid’s Tale!




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