Game Development Journal XXXII: The Konami Code

One of the scenes I imagined in my new game had players entering the famous Konami code to access a secret area.  However, I found myself stuck trying to figure out how to get the game to register button presses of the arrow keys as code entry instead of as movement.

I’m sure there is some scripting guru out there who could come up with an elegant solution, but I’m pretty happy about the workaround I came up with.

Rather than have players enter in the code on their keyboards, I would create an NES controller in game and have them input the code there.

I opened up a new map in RPG Maker and, using the Futuristic Tiles Resource Set, I created a stage that looks like this:


Next, I created a character avatar in the shape of a floating arrow instead of a person.

If I add this figure to the party and make it the leader, then the player can “walk” around the map using the arrow keys to push the buttons and enter the code!

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