Rito Pls: Donald Trundle


It came to me as if in a dream: the perfect League of Legends skin for 2017: Donald Trundle.

Can’t you just see it?  We could honor our troll-in-chief by turning him into the Troll King.  Give him a thatch of blonde hair topped with a Make Runeterra Great Again ball cap.  Put him in an ill-fitting suit and have him clutch a replica of the Washington Monument in his tiny hands.

Image result for trundle

He could even have a set of custom emotes that displays Tweets about his fellow champions over his head.  Things like:

Amumu such a cry baby. Toughen up, kid!  Sad.


What about all of Lux’s missing emails?  #LockHerUp

Rito, pls.  Make it happen.

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