Disney, Diversity, and Donald Trump


I was recently interviewed by Tom Brook of the BBC about diversity in animation.  Along with my colleague Rebecca Hains, I discussed how Disney has been working hard as of late to add diversity to their most profitable franchises, from Star Wars and Marvel to the Disney Princess line, because they have calculated that doing so is the best way to grow their audience.

This is significant because diverse representation is still a very big problem within the world of animation, as this Hollywood Reporter roundtable on “avoiding ethnic stereotypes” featuring exclusively white men (including Seth Rogan, the guy who this same year starred in a movie that relied pretty much entirely racial stereotypes) recently showed.

At any rate, we got to talking about the election of Donald Trump (which had just taken place the evening before) and it made me think: what kind of Disney Princess would be a good role model for girls in 2017?

I imagined a princess, let’s call her Princess Hillary, who was well-versed in the art of governing her kingdom and well-informed about the issues facing her nation.  This princess found herself passed over for the throne in favor of her blowhard cousin, let’s call him Prince Donald, who had convinced just enough members of the royal counsel that a woman didn’t belong on the throne even though the common people preferred her in overwhelming numbers.  She was denied entry into her kingdom’s capital, the White Castle, but she soon took up with a rag-tag group of dissidents intent on protecting the land from King Donald’s buffoonery and to resist the unjust new laws that the intended to propose.

Let’s all keep this little fairy tale in mind on this first day of the next four years.

PS: Never Google Image search “Disney Princess Trump.”  Trust me.  #CantUnsee

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