Student Spotlight: One-Minute Film Festival 2016

I got the chance to teach an introductory film class once again this fall which means that, once again, I had my students conclude the semester by creating one-minute films of their own.

This year, the focus was on film genres and their visual hallmarks.  Students received genres at random, Project Runway-style.  Their first task was to do research into the aesthetic history of their assigned genre and to make a plan to ensure that their film would be recognizable within the one-minute time limit.  Next, they shot and edited their films and wrote up a short description of how closely their actual process came to the one they had planned.  Finally, we had a film festival on the last day of class where students voted on their favorites and the winners received a small amount of extra credit.

So, without further ado, here are this year’s winners!

First place: “What is Art” – Documentary/Parody

Second place: “Shoot” – Western/Parody

Third place: “i control” – Science Fiction

Honorable Mention: “Snakes Don’t Fly” – Documentary

Honorable Mention: “Bad News Tod” – Sports Film/Parody

Honorable Mention: “Into the Closet” – Horror

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