Westworld Theory: Was Arnold a Woman?

I published a piece at Unwinnable a while back detailing some of my theories about the show.  Some have been proved correct (Bernard!  Say it ain’t so!) and some are looking less likely by the minute.

For example, I am increasingly convinced that this fan theory about William and the Man in Black is correct.

But I have one more theory that I would like to share.  I’ve been thinking about Arnold, whose voice Delores hears in her head (a voice that sounds like her own voice).

What if Arnold is actually a woman?

After all, we know Anthony Hopkins’s Ford by his last name.  What if Arnold’s first name is Sarah or Katie or… Delores?  What if Delores is either a robot version of who Arnold?  Or what if Delores was Dr. Arnold back in the day?  What if Arnold was/is a host created by Ford (like Bernard) to help him develop the park and then reassigned to a narrative in the park?

Now, I know we’ve seen a picture of Ford and Arnold as young men that would seem to point to this theory being incorrect.


But, on the other hand, in the most recent episode, we saw Bernard altering photographs and records to cover up his (and Ford’s) involvement in Theresa’s death.  So maybe the obvious photoshoppiness of this image is a clue, a suggestion that Ford’s stories about Arnold have been altered.  Or perhaps when we in the audience look at this picture, we are seeing what the host Bernard has been programmed to see (we are looking over his shoulder at this picture after all).  We know that the hosts can’t see certain things if they would disrupt their understanding of their own reality too much.  It would break Bernard’s brain if he were to see the person he knows as an inconsequential host in Sweetwater in a picture with a young Dr. Ford.  So maybe that conspicuously empty right hand third of the photograph is really occupied by the woman we know as Delores.  To Bernard, the photo would just look like a poorly composed photo of two men standing uncomfortably close to each other.

Maybe Arnold isn’t really Delores.  But I’m pretty convinced he also isn’t that dude in the photo standing next to Ford.

Thoughts?  Pet theories?  Share them in the comments below!

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