Female Overwatch Pro Gets Accused of Cheating, Shows What’s Up


A 17-year-old Korean Overwatch pro Gegury was recently accused of cheating and even threatened by rivals this week.

Is ANYONE surprised that she is a woman?

I’ve written many times before about the “Fake Geek Girl” meme that runs through gaming culture and how it damages female pros and streamers.  The burden of proof is always placed on these women to prove that they “deserve” the fan base they’ve built rather than on those accusing them of foul play.

Luckily, Gegury was up to the challenge.

Gegury’s performance as Zarya during a key match and her rank as the 8th best Zarya player in the world were enough to inspire suspicion in the opposing team, so much so that they demanded an official investigation into her play. Blizzard Korea carried out their investigation, and it came up clean; Gegury wasn’t cheating. To seal the deal, Gegury even appeared on live television to play with a live camera focused on her and her screen to show that she wasn’t cheating. As you can see below, she wears a mask to conceal her identity; she is, after all, still a teenager. After playing for about an hour and thoroughly wrecking more than a few teams online (with the support of a few of her teammates), she effectively demonstrated that she didn’t download her skill; it’s all natural.

The two players who were so convinced of her cheating that they placed their careers on the line, were ultimately forced to quit playing Overwatch professionally. They left in shame, and are no longer part of team Dizziness.

The entire live television event left Gegury in tears, as she said she’s had to face numerous false accusations and awfulness as a result of this investigation.

Hell yea, Gegury.  Good job, girl.

Also: I haven’t played Overwatch but that champion looks hella cool.


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