League of Legends Needs a Single Player Mode



Have you ever heard the phrase “easy to learn, difficult to master?”  This phrase used to describe League of Legends.  But now that the game has over 120 champions, each with a unique kit that new players have to understand in order to be competitive (not to mention more subtle info like item builds, team synergies, and who got buffed or nerfed on the current patch), it is more like “maddening to learn, impossible to master.”  And that doesn’t even take into account the tidal waves of toxic bullshit new players have to face from LoL‘s famously noxious community.

These seemingly insurmountable barriers to entry might be causing LoL‘s player base to begin to shrink for the first time in its history.


Is there anything that can be done to get League of Legends growing again?  I believe there is. And I think Riot Games should look to the e-sports pioneer Blizzard for a potential solution.

League of Legends needs a single-player campaign.

I make my case for this proposal in my latest piece over at Unwinnable.  Head on over and check it out!

In the meantime, let me know in the comments: what moments in LoL‘s lore would you like to see explored in a single-player story mode?

My number one choice: Jinx vs. Caitlyn and Vi.

They even already have a great cinematic sequence lined up!



5 thoughts on “League of Legends Needs a Single Player Mode

  1. I would welcome a single-player mode. I definitely feel your sentiment when it comes to learning it. Doesn’t the game have bots? I’ve played it sparingly and don’t remember.

    • It does, and the bot games can teach you basic mechanics, but things like creating effective team compositions or learning about item builds and even some mini-strategic concerns like minion wave management and vision control are difficult to learn in this mode, at least in my opinion.

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  3. Yeah, the lack of a real single-player mode where I can actually get XP when friends aren’t available is the reason I put it down after an hour or so and probably won’t be picking it back up. When I’m forced to play with strangers, every one is a coin flip on whether they’re annoying or not, and it’s just not worth it because it hit the annoying side of the coin a hella lot.

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