New Series at Unwinnable: Diary of a First Time IF Dev


Over at Unwinnable the awesome Declan Taggart is writing a column about his first time dipping into interactive fiction development.

It just so happens that my class on Digital Rhetorics have also just begun their project using Twine!

And of course I have dabbled in TyranoBuilder and RPG Maker, as I chronicled on this very site.

Follow Declan’s journey and consider going on one yourself!  Keep a game dev journal and link it in the comments.  Let’s make some art!

If there is enough interest, I will organize a Game Jam so we can show off our experimental mutant video game children to one another.

Edited to Add: Here are some other great game design engines for first timers!  Let me know down below if you have experience with any of them or if you are interested in trying them.

AGE: The Adventure Game Engine

Choice of Games

Inform 7






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