#TBT: Breath of Fire II

To be honest, the plots of games in the Breath of Fire series always left me feeling pretty meh.  They often just felt like episodes strung together, incidents in the life of an adventurous young boy who might be part dragon.

But, in a sense, that is also what I like about these games.  I spend just as much of my time training my characters to learn their unique skills and performing day to day tasks like hunting and fishing and gathering as I do questing to save the world.  And I like that.  I remember Breath of Fire II feeling very peaceful most of the time, which made the moments of crisis feel all the more striking.


The biggest draw of Breath of Fire II, to me, is the diverse array of characters.  My young self loved the hybrid animal style characters (Katt and Nina were my go to girls!  And who couldn’t love Bow the droopy dog?), and I liked how they each played uniquely in battle and had specialized talents that they could use to contribute towards the survival of the team.  They are so charming!  And the version of them on the box art is so atrocious, like Conan the Barbarian assembled a bunch of monsters on Mars or something.

Breathoffire2 box.jpg


As this video point out, this game is hard as hell, or at least it was for me as a kid.

However, I disagree about the music!  There is some super cute music in this game!  And I still occasionally get the battle theme, “Cross Counter,” stuck in my head.

And who couldn’t love this victory sound effect?

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