Designing Communities: League of Legends


“Fortune doesn’t favor trolls.”


My latest piece for Unwinnable asks the question: is more data always a good thing?  Does it always facilitate better communication and thus a better community?

League of Legends is the most-played video game in the world.  It is an e-sports powerhouse.  It is the hobby that devours most of my free time.  And its community is a notorious nightmare.

To its credit, Riot Games is working hard to try to stem the tide of negativity that flows throughout their game.  But I argue that perhaps the robust statistics provided to players during gameplay, while useful from a strategic standpoint, are subtly incentivizing players to behave selfishly and to disdain their teammates.

Therefore, I suggest that Riot experiment with only making certain statistics like Kills, Deaths, and Assists (and even Minion Kills) available on the post-game wrap up screen for games played in solo queue.

I argue that, in the solo queue, when players are paired up with strangers, the presence of all of these statistics are more of a hindrance to teamwork than a help.  All of the strategic information that such statistics provide are outweighed by the tendency of players to use them as a weapon to deride each other.  When players know one another and play together often, the data represented by these statistics can help teams to make better decisions over the course of a season.  But when you will likely never see your teammates on the rift again, they are only useful as evidence to “prove” that a player somehow “deserves” to be abused for poor play.

For more, click on over to Unwinnable.  And let me know in the comments: what do you think of my modest proposal to move the statistics to the post-game lobby?  What are some of the benefits and drawback that you see attached to such a change?


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