Is this Starbucks Christmas Cup Meme an Epic Troll?


The face of evil?

Maybe I’m a cynic.  But I’m starting to think that this Starbucks Christmas coffee thing is just a viral marketing campaign.

Check out this guy:

He gives his movement a corporate-friendly hashtag: #MerryChristmasStarbucks.  And his “protest” against the company involves going in and buying their product… but in a TRICKY WAY SO EAT THAT, STARBUCKS!!!

My social media feeds have been filled to the brim with people sporting these new red cups declaring things like:

  • I’m a Christian and I don’t need a corporation to remind me to love Jesus.  In fact, I would rather Christmas be about Christ then about snowmen and Santa and the reindeer and the other generic winter holiday icons that these cups featured in previous years.
  • I’m a Christian and I think we have more important things to worry about than coffee cups.
  • I practice a religion other than Christianity and I’m glad that Starbucks is recognizing diversity.
  • I’m an atheist/a secular liberal and I’m going to go buy an extra cup of Starbucks coffee just to stick it to those conservative whackos!

What I’m NOT seeing is anyone actually copping to being mad at Starbucks for their holiday cups.  There are plenty of people sharing images of OTHERS who are supposedly mad about these cups.  Those people are offered up for ridicule.

I think that if the Starbucks marketing team didn’t dream this up on their own and seed it in hopes of it going viral, then at the very least they had something to do with spreading the few isolated incidents of people being mad about it as widely as they could.  This smells like some organized “backlash” designed to rebound in Starbucks’s favor (particularly after their last bit of cup-based marketing, the “let’s talk about race with your barista” ploy, failed so spectacularly).

I’m sure that some people joined on sincerely after the meme started to circulate.  But I’m also pretty sure that there is some Poe’s Law style trolling going on as well.

Poor Starbucks!  Look at these people being so mean to them for such a ridiculous reason!  That reminds me, I am thirsty for some coffee…

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