Things I Dig: Game Papers Archive

Over at Unwinnable editors Stu Horvath, Kaitlin Tremblay, Kenton Sheely and Skot Deeming have started something that speaks to the pack rat that lives in my heart:

a project collecting written material created by players while playing games.

What we’re looking for:

Character Sheets
Puzzle Notes
Fan Art (from childhood)
Stick People Wars

We’re also keenly interested in stories behind these artifacts, especially if they come from someone else (a number of early submissions involved parents and grandparents). If you are a game designer, we’d also be interested in seeing sketches and paper mock-ups from early in your design cycle.

If you have something you’d like to share, please send full color, 300 dpi scans to

We don’t yet know what shape the project will take. Our current call for submissions is, therefore, exploratory – there’s no binding agreement to publish or be published, you’re just showing us some cool stuff you have. We do have some kind of zine or book in mind, though. We are also greatly saddened when we hear, “I used to have stuff like that but threw it all away,” so we might set up some sort of online archive as well. Watch this space, we’ll keep you posted!

I am not sure if I have any of this stuff laying around anymore.  But I used to have TONNSSSS.  And some of the examples of sketches and save game passwords are totes adorbs.

So get to digging!

Also, watch this space for an announcement re: Unwinnable featuring yours truly. 🙂

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