#TBT: Wild Arms

wild arms

One of my secret pop culture loves is the Western, even better when a little bit of fantasy or sci fi or paranormal stuff gets mixed in.  My all time favorite books are Stephen King’s Gunslinger series (rushed and indulgent final novel not withstanding) and I’m a huge fan of the Preacher comics and of the Trigun anime and manga.

And so Wild Arms, the 1996 JRPG for the PlayStation, was pretty much guaranteed to catch my eye.

The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world that has been wrecked by harmful technology and weaponry.  Archaeologists are slowly digging up the remains of the past and trying to get them running again, but the world is rightfully wary of the machines that brought them ruin once before.

Truth be told I don’t remember a whole lot about the plot.  Something about fighting off demons?  And the game play was pretty standard JRPG fare.  But the setting stuck with me.  And I loved digging for the hidden Ancient Relic Machines (ARMs aka guns).  But I do remember the old timey sprites were extremely cute.

And the Spaghetti Western-style music was amazing.

Opening cinematic

Recognize the tune?

This one is my favorite

So.  This entry is not the most exciting, upon reflection.  But it does make me want to check out some of the later games in the series!

Or perhaps just to re-read The Gunslinger.

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