Less Than or Equal Podcast Interview

Last week I got to have an hour long conversation with the amazing Aleen Sims at the Less Than or Equal Podcast.

We talked about everything from fandom to the role of popular culture and social media in the classroom to the inevitable end of civilization via holodeck addiction.

We also talked about #MasculinitySoFragile and Trigger Warnings and how a lack of shared vocabulary (in addition to, often, a lack of shared respect) makes it so difficult to discuss social justice issues on platforms like Twitter.

I got a chance to plug this awesome video by the always thought-provoking PBS Idea Channel on Trigger Warnings (hat tip to my colleague Jackie Cowan).  If haven’t gotten a chance to watch it, do so now!  And then listen to me on the podcast!  And then… then do whatever you want I guess, I didn’t mean to boss you around.

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