Life Goals: Be an Accessible Academic

I was so excited and honored to see my work on queer representation in video games profiled on The Accessible Academic.

The site describes their mission as follows:

The Accessible Academic is the first electronic resource of its kind that makes Humanities research accessible to the general public. Why let all those great ideas just sit in journals? TAA gives Humanities scholarship life in the real world because open access to ideas can empower people and organizations.

The Open Access movement started in the 1990s to make academic journal articles available to all. Science and health care researchers are making that information accessible to all. New services like STM Digest provide lay summaries of its science research. Inspired by these movements, The Accessible Academic focuses on Humanities research, which is more important than ever in today’s world.

The Accessible Academic curates some of the best peer-reviewed studies, reports, and analyses on timely Humanities research topics. TAA cites, summarizes, and provides take-away bites of information and makes it all available to everyone.

As I prepare to pitch my dissertation project as a book, the idea of making my work accessible to everyone while still maintaining academics standards for reasoning and research is one of my foremost concerns.

Thanks so much to TAA for the honor!

And if you want to help contribute to this awesome project…

Contact TAA at theaccessibleacademic <at> gmail <dot> com if you’d like TAA to consider a study not yet curated or a topic not yet included. Or, just email with a question, comment, or suggestion.

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