#TBT Guest Post – My Brother on Earthbound

I have a special treat this week!  My recent #TBT post on Earthbound struck the fancy of my younger brother Zack Davis, who loved the game right along side me.  I said that he should write up his own memories of the game so I could post them here.

In addition to being a connoisseur of retro games, he is the lead singer and guitarist of an awesome band called Dead_Language

Without further ado, here are his thoughts on Earthbound!


First off, a little background for you all. I’ve been a fan of Earthbound since a very young age when my sister first let me watch her play it in our parents’ basement during our childhoods.  At some point in the 90’s, our copy of Earthbound was sold or lost and I didn’t play it until I purchased it at its current inflated value off Ebay in 2013.  I found myself 26 years old and elated to sit down and play the fabled game from my childhood on my Super Nintendo. What else could a Millennial ask for?!  Two years later, I’m talking to the same sister that introduced me to Ness and Company and was asked to compile some of my favorite moments in the game that I loved/love so much and find myself playing through once a year.  It’s about that time of the year when it’s going to start getting colder outside and I’ll dive into the world of Teddy Bears, Peanut Butter Cheese Bars and Skate Punks.   Here’s the Top Five Moments in Time of Earthbound I’m looking forward to experiencing once again.  As I start thinking
about the game, I realize there are sooooo many moments and maps that I won’t be able to mention but these are
the ones the stand out when I think of the game.


The second this bastard comes into your life you just know he’ll be a consistent pain in your ass for the rest of the game.  He’s a mixture of Eric Cartman and Dudley from Harry Potter.  Every time bad things happen, this jerk is there.   I feel bad for his brother, Picky.  It has to be a pain to have this butthole as a brother.  I always hope he’s dead inside the helicopter when you find it in Deep Darkness.  Nevertheless, without him the game wouldn’t be as good.  Every hero needs the arch nemesis.  I love you, but screw you, Pokey Minch.

Happy Happy Village

Who doesn’t like a good cult? Especially since all the Cultists either have clever things to say or try to kill you by painting you to death.  Rescuing Paula always makes you feel good too.  It’s always nice to get some company for the road to help carry the load and actually be able to heal yourself or “pray” away the pain.

Saturn Valley

Peanut Butter Cheese Bars.  Seriously.  This oasis after passing through Grapefruit falls and all the damn Great Oak trees that destroy you when they blow up .  Press A for the life of you, dammit!  These little nubs are damn smart and have great items.  The change of font is welcome as well.  I always come back here for the hell of it.  It’s a one stop shop for all your Earthbound needs.



Transport me to Christmas-land.   From first experiencing this land as Jeff till the visits back to get items like the T-Rex bat and visit the Dungeon Man, It’s just one of my favorite environments complete with the Nintendo version of the Loch Ness Monster.  Yes I would like some homemade stew and to sleep in the cozy tent, but all you guys are freaking me out with the binoculars.

Gold Mine/The Desert

I just keep sweating and sweating and sweating and getting poisoned by desert dwellers.  Luckily, there’s a nice shop, a cave system full of monkeys, a Dali Lama looking dude, and a Gold Mine filled with giant Moles, ducks and Noosemen.  Wet towels for all as I stumble through the desert trying to find lost contact lenses and presents.  I’m getting thirsty just thinking about it.  Good thing this is my fifth and final top moment/memory.

As I wrap this short rambling up, I started my game and I’m about to hook up with Buzz Buzz so I’ll leave you with this.  Big Bottle Rockets and Jeff’s Bazooka for life.  Represent.


Megan again.

Funny how many of the same moments/locations spoke to both of us!  I seriously debated writing about the Dusty Dunes Desert.  I loved how the little sweat beads would pop off of you and I remember being super stressed out about the possibility of overheating.

I also chuckled when Zack mentioned “carrying the load” because it reminded me of the most difficult (for me) part of the game: managing your inventory!  Unlike most role playing games, Earthbound restricts each member of your party to a set number of items (after all, it wouldn’t make sense for these kids to be able to carry the sheer amount of stuff one accumulates in a game of this type).  This means trading items around often so that everyone has access to the things they need.

There are so many more things I could say about this game: the nightmare of martial arts training that Poo undergoes, the bizzaro world of Magicant, the boss monster who is just a sentient pile of puke…  Suffice it to say, this game is great.

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