#TBT: Contra

contra box

When I was a kid the boy who lived in the house behind me was my best friend.  He was the first person who introduced me to Contra which still very well might be the hardest game I have ever beaten.

Over course, we didn’t beat it fair and square.  We had to use the Konami code to earn ourselves 30 lives to spend over the course of the game.  Many of those lives were lost by one player making the screen move along too fast for the other, causing them to fall to their death.

I also remember being utterly shocked by the game’s bosses.  By that point in my life, I had never been exposed to any kind of H. R. Giger inspired body horror science fiction.  And we didn’t have the original box, so we figured we would spend the game fighting other army guys as we did in the first part of the first level.  Imagine our surprise when we ran into this guy:

contra 2

Or this… whatever this is…


But the insane difficulty and the nightmare inducing creatures only made our ultimate victory after we spent three months practicing that much sweeter.

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