Stephen Colbert Makes a Game – Might it Be an ARG?

I just saw on Twitter that Stephen Colbert “made a fun video game” for his fans.


The announcement comes a few mere weeks before Colbert is slated to begin his tenure as the host of the The Late Show.

You can read a faux “press release” about the game here.  Or you can play the game here.

I do wonder though.  Why does Colbert’s tweet say that players need to retweet the link to play?  Might this be the introduction to a larger Augmented Reality Game?

I’m getting ready for my move so I don’t have time to play tonight.  Anyone care to investigate and get back to me?

Note that the faux press release begins with “LEVEL ONE.”  And its filled with references to classic video games.  Also, Ernest Cline’s Armada, the followup to his meta-gamer hit Ready Player One, came out this week.  Ready Player One contained a hidden ARG that revolved around classic retro games.

The winner of this contest received a vintage DeLorean.

I’m probably reading too much into this.  But wouldn’t it be neat if I were right?

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