#TBT: Baseball Stars

It’s Throwback Thursday once again! Does anyone remember Baseball Stars for the NES?


My father, my brother, and I played this game OBSESSIVELY.  My sibling and I fought over who would get to use the wildly over-powered American Dreams (featuring Babe Ruth, Hank Williams, Cy Young and more!).  I adored the Lovely Ladies all-female team, complete with underhand pitchers and pink uniforms.  We established house rules to govern our matches (no stealing multiple bases and  ABSOLUTELY NO CHANGE-UPS).  Violations of the house rules meant that you got to put a player on base automatically, either by having them walk for free or by allowing them to get beaned by a stray pitch.  We even played entire seasons of 125 games against A.I. controlled opponents.

And that MUSIC!  Classic.

I don’t play a lot of sports-themed video games anymore (though I do enjoy e-sports like League of Legends and Starcraft II), but this was one of my all-time favorite games as a kid.

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