WisCon Recap Part III: Parties and Other Fun Stuff!

In addition to the amazing panels, there are also a number of fun activities to partake in at WisCon.  For example, the fan created Vid Party was a blast, like a super fun slumber party with some truly funny, weird, and even touching videos.  Special thanks to Alexis Lothian for initiating this event!  Check out all the playlists here!

Another favorite party was the Floomp, the dance party billed as a “safer space to explore and expand ideas of gender with no judgements.”  This year’s theme was “cyberspace” and so all the dancers adorned themselves with glow sticks and boogeyed to awesome playlists compiled by the amazing Charlie Jane Anders of io9 (who, I must admit, I was totally starstruck to meet)!

Finally, we attended the famed Dessert Salon (the food was delicious, I was woefully under dressed) and the Guest of Honor Speeches by Alaya Dawn Johnson and Kim Stanley Robinson.  They were amazing and inspiring.

Next year, I hope to attend more parties and game sessions and perhaps to convene a coloring party using art from the coloring book currently being developed by my game’s artist, Sylvia Armitstead.

Party on!

party on


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