WisCon 2015 Recap Part II: Panels

By far, my favorite thing about WisCon was the panels.  Academic conferences are fun and all, but the raucous back and forth between panelists and audiences at the non-academic panels were a blast!

I participated on two panels this year.  The first was called “Dating Tips for Oblivious Geeks” and took the form of a Q and A session on flirting, dating, sex, and breaking up.  One of my favorite things about the panel was the philosophy that each of the panelists brought to the topic.  Many of the questions asked about “dealing with failure” or “avoiding failure” in the dating world.  But my fellow panelists and I tried to think of dating and relationships as a lifelong journey, not as a game that you can win or lose.

For any who attended the panel, let me recommend a couple of great resources for even more geeky dating advice:

Paging Dr. Nerdlove

Captain Awkward

And, for the record, I thought that none of you came of as “oblivous” at all!  You were thoughtful and caring and kind and sincere.

The second panel was called “Internet Memes as Collaborative Microfiction.”  We shared examples of our favorite memes and contemplated their potential as countercultural/resistant discourses as well as their co-option by advertisers.

With any luck, some of the things we discussed during this panel will be the basis of my third article for Al Jazeera!

I also attended some awesome panels including one called “Are Casual Gamers ‘Real Gamers’?” and another called “What Does Feminist Tech Education Look Like?”.  Next year, I plan to participate in even more awesome panels.

Thanks to everyone who came and participated, asked awesome questions, and formed new friendships!


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