Things I Dig: Sethian – A Sci Fi Language Puzzle Game

I recently came across this game called Sethian – A Sci Fi Language Puzzle Game on Kickstarter and it looks amazing!

From the description:

In Sethian, you play as an archaeologist from thousands of years in the future, exploring a distant colony, which has been abandoned for centuries. In the ruins, you discover a functional computer, which operates in the native language. The core gameplay of Sethian consists in deciphering and studying this language, and using it to communicate with the computer, to find out what happened to the colony.

If anything, Sethian is a puzzle game, where the puzzles involve interpreting and utilizing the game’s language in order to uncover the mysteries of the planet. But Sethian is not a game of decryption–the game uses its own language, unrelated to English, which must be translated by the player.

The creator describes the process of inventing a language for his game here on his development blog.

Head over and check them out!

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