Game Development Journal XXIV – Listing Out All the Needed Art is Scary

This is kinda freaking me out. I decided to go through my script for the game and list out all the background art, expressions/poses for characters, and sound effects I would need.  And the list is, to put it lightly, daunting. ***** Sound FX

  • typing sound
  • mouse click
  • some kind of “poof” or magic appearing sound for both Witch and Wizard
  • time spell casting sound
  • b-ball: shoes scuffling, hoop switch, dibbling ball
  • restaurant background sounds: clinking plates and silverware, buzzing convos
  • pounding on glass
  • Say Anything song (or something that sounds similar – romantic song)
  • whispering
  • bar background noise (buzzing convos, glasses, juke box?)
  • splashing/swimming
  • Whistle blowing
  • MUSIC!  – title screen and credits = a theme song for sure.  other scenes?  don’t want to drown out sound fx but don’t want dead stillness either… play around with this.

Background Images

  • Masumi’s room – day, sundown, night -DONE
  • neutral gender room for CJ (flipped Left to Right?) – day and sundown
  • Anime Club room – a theater/auditorium/lecture hall, darkened but lit by the light of the glowing big screen
  • magic spell time warpy transition slide – DONE
  • basketball court – daytime
  • all black blank screen (time lapse transition)
  • hallway outside the doors of a cafeteria (you can see inside glass doors, like a salad bar in there or something
  • fancy restaurant – low lighting and candles
  • outside the restaurant under a streetlight – night
  • outside a dorm/on the quad – night
  • blank made up search engine page – fill whole screen as though we are looking at CJ’s computer screen (Google-esque)
  • search results for “How do I get her to fall in love with me?” – various, like, Yahoo Answers things or blog posts.  #1 result is “Escaping the Friendzone” link – I wil write them all up for you, you just design it.
  • Pick Up Artist’s homepage feat. Enigma’s picture (with hot girls on his arms) and the blog post (I’ve written it, I will send along) and a “Buy Now” button
  • Nightclub – booth/VIP area – DONE
  • Pool lockeroom
  • Poolside

Expressions/Poses Masumi – standard outfit

  • Happy/neutral
  • Happy – blushing
  • Confused
  • Excited

Masumi – Date outfit Cute, feminine, dressy – makeup?

  • Happy/neutral
  • Happy – blushing
  • Confused
  • Angry/embarrassed
  • Angry tears
  • Just plain ANGRY

Masumi – PJs

  • Happy/neutral
  • Happy – blushing
  • laughing
  • confused
  • shocked
  • exasperation
  • angry
  • serious/stern

Masumi – Swimsuit competitive 1 piece suit but no goggles or swim cap on yet

  • Happy/neutral
  • surprised
  • annoyed
  • dejected
  • angry
  • cold/stern

Masumi – basketball a tank top, sports bra, athletic shorts, hair pulled back?

  • Happy-neutral
  • nervous
  • happy – blushing
  • distraught/worried
  • celebrating
  • shock/anger
  • disdain

Masumi – swimsuit zombie same as swimsuit but with dead eyes/weird eyes – under influence of “love potion”

  • happy zombie – kinda manic version of happy/neutral

Masumi standard outfit zombie same as standard outfit but with dead eyes/weird eyes – under influence of potion

  • happy zombie – kinda manic version of happy/neutral
  • slight confusion zombie – like she can kinda tell that something is “off” but can’t quite put her finger on it (and this worries her)
  • zombie tearing up – now I KNOW something is wrong with me and it is kinda scaring me

Erykah – standard oufit

  • Neutral – her neutral is less happy more “resting bitch face” – not mean but not smiling to make others feel comfortable either.  Just – neutral
  • smirk/smile
  • skeptical – 1 eye brow raised
  • worried
  • stern/serious

Erykah – PJs

  • neutral
  • smirk/smile
  • teasing
  • confused
  • eyeroll
  • serious/stern

Time Wizard

  • happy/neutral
  • exuberant
  • spell casting pose
  • annoyed
  • thinking “Hmmm….”
  • stern/serious
  • sympathetic/pitying


  • happy/neutral
  • playfully aggressive
  • “phew!”
  • worried
  • confused

Luca – basketball game

  • neutral (kinda guarded)
  • happy/neutral
  • playfully aggressive
  • eyeroll
  • sympathetic

Luca – date night more masculine – suit pants, nice shirt, and vest?  hair down.  some make up? (but not much – maybe just mascara and eyeliner?

  • happy/neutral
  • questioning
  • shock/anger

Luca – poolside spectator just nice decent casual clothes

  • neutral  (kinda guarded)
  • happy/neutral
  • playfully aggressive


Love Witch

  • happy/neutral
  • holding a potion
  • secretive but also kinda bragging?  (like “I’ll never tell!” *wink*)
  • disdainful
  • lecturing/holding forth on a topic of great importance to a dullard
  • “phew!”

Coach Stevens holding a whistle and clipboard.  some kind of hat or vizor.  starting to go gray but not fully there yet

  • angry/stern
  • bland/blaze
  • ULTRA ANGRY – shouting, gesticulating – Bobby Knight
  • confused
  • “sigh…”
  • concerned for Masumi

***** So… yea.  That is a lot. Sylvia assures me that the poses won’t be as big of a deal as I’m thinking because she can take one “base” image and then replace the face and arms to create a new pose.  But still, this is a lot of work! On my end, the sound effects, I’ve been discovering, are relatively easy to find for free online.  However, music is going to be a little tougher, I think.  I want background music that can give “life” to inert scenes but that isn’t overly distracting.  The soundtrack to Christine Love’s games Analogue: A Hate Story and Hate Plus are great models of what I’m thinking about.  I am considering composing my own music using a free chiptune or music mixing tool online, but I’m wondering if that will be worth the time?  Would I be better off just commissioning music?  If we get enough crowdfunding money, will we want to add in voiceover work?  If so, how will we balance the music, sound effects, and spoken dialogue? And here I thought the programming would be the hard part…

Update on music: OOOooo I’m really liking the music available at Machinima Sound!  I’m going to be putting this onto my MP3 player for sure and it has just the aesthetic I’m looking for!  So that is one problem solved, perhaps 🙂

2 thoughts on “Game Development Journal XXIV – Listing Out All the Needed Art is Scary

  1. I remember when we my team at college were making a game and were supposed to use licensed tracks and own made SFX, it was a lot of fun picking tracks but making the sound effects seemed really terrifying until i just got it done one day.

  2. Reblogged this on From the Artist's Desk and commented:
    Getting a list to work on for the Dating Sim Game that Megan and I are working on gives me a good task oriented look at all that needs doing.

    I will be taking a brief break from commissions through the end of this week in order to catch up on some of this list and make it a little bit smaller.

    Make sure to come visit me on Twitch.TV at the following link: <–Give me a follow if you'd like to get updates in your email about when I go live, or follow me on Twitter for the same.

    See you all in the artverse!

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