Game Development Journal XXIII – Environments

Another awesome piece of game art by Sylvia Armitstead!

Sylvia is playing through a bunch of dating sims to get artistic inspiration and its amazing the kinds of things she notices that totally fly over my head.

I am (unsurprisingly) a verbal person.  I focus on story elements and word choices and themes and interpretive lenses.

Sylvia is a visual person.  She notices things like color and line thickness and texture.

One of the things that she noticed was that games would often recycle the same environments but with different lighting conditions.  This made the environments feel “alive” and conveyed some subtle information about the time frame for an event without having characters explicitly articulate that info.  For a story that deals with time travel and repeating various aspects of the same day over and over, this is a great feature!

So, here is a mock up of the first environment for the game: Masumi’s dorm room in daylight, at sunset, and at night.


Note: when we eventually Kickstart this game, we plan on making a print of Masumi’s poster one of the possible rewards!

One thought on “Game Development Journal XXIII – Environments

  1. Reblogged this on From the Artist's Desk and commented:
    Game creation continues for the “Dating Sim App” that my room mate and I have been working on. It’s been such a fun project to bring her ideas to life and watch characters and more come together for this.
    Backgrounds have never been a particularly “strong” suit of mine so putting together an environment has been very good practice. I look forward to creating the rest of what’s needed to really make this game more incredible!

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