What Would the Internet Look Like if Women Were Valued as Users?

Everyone in the tech world knows by now that women experience a different level of negativity online in comparison to men.  The question isn’t whether women are made to feel welcome online but whether or not developers are interested in helping to solve the problem.

Designing systems that aid women in dealing with harassment and trolls is difficult and requires developers to devote resources to courting women as users.  They need to be convinced that it is worth their while to do so.

The developers of the dating app Tinder realized this.  They recognized that one way they could distinguish their service from other dating websites and programs would be to build in a layer of protection for female users.  This would ensure that their user base did not devolve into a sausage fest (which would be a kiss of death for a dating service dedicated to matching up men and women).

What would the Internet look like if every site and service actively sought after women as customers?

I recently wrote a piece on this very topic for Al Jazeera America.  Head on over and share your thoughts in the comments section!


2 thoughts on “What Would the Internet Look Like if Women Were Valued as Users?

  1. I think there was a College humour skit satirizing this. Basically it was a bunch of female gamers talking smack to one guy. That needs to be more of a thing, seriously. XD Problems like this take time to solve, its where our society is at the moment. The internet is full with young emotional people desperate to cringe to social categories in which they feel entitled- “like somebody”. Influential a-holes like certain stupid rappers engcourage such behaviour, which causes young males to become stupid. As society progresses hopefully people will become more open-minded and less ignorant.

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