And Now For Something Completely Different: CrossFit and My New Self-Published Book

In addition to video games, the other great passion of my life is CrossFit.  I’ve found that staying physically active helps me to be a much more productive writer by keeping me energized and emotionally stable.  You don’t want to be around me if I haven’t gotten a chance to work out in a while!  I get super grouchy!

My partner and I are part owners of and coaches at our local CrossFit gym, which we have called CrossFit Trilogy.  Nerds that we are, our gym’s symbol is a Triforce.

crossfit banner

There are several “triples” associated with with our place.  First, it was founded by three childhood friends who decided to get together and create a place for the community to gather and learn about how to move their body and how to get stronger and faster.  Second, CrossFit utilizes three types of exercises: Olympic weightlifting, gymnastics movements, and cardiovascular endurance training.  And lastly, we look to three major areas of our life in order to improve our health: our exercise regimen, our diet, and our sleep schedule.

I love coaching.  And I love learning how to be a better coach.  In an attempt to contribute to the community that taught me so much about teaching (both in the gym and in the classroom), I’ve written a book sharing some of my most fun and popular warm up activities for group fitness classes.

Warming up is extremely important for athletes in all stages of life, and yet it is often the most neglected portion of a work out, simply because it can often become repetitive and boring. My book aims to put the fun back into warm ups by getting athletes moving in new and unexpected ways.

It was written for anyone who coaches athletes in a group setting: physical educators, team sports coaches, camp councilors, CrossFit gym owners, personal trainers, scout leaders, and more.

The activities are appropriate for young and old, for experienced athletes and newbies, for small groups and large ones. Don’t underestimate how fun simple playground games and competitions can be for adults as well as children!

Check it out at Amazon and, if you like it, leave a review!

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