Things I Dig: RPG Maker 80% Off for Steam Holiday Sale!

The Holiday Steam Sale is going on right now.  I already bought too many new games (Game of Thrones from Telltale Games and The Gods Will Be Watching from Deconstructeam among them).  But I wanted to let my readers know that all of the RPG Maker products, including the base software AND the themed expansions, are currently 80% off!

This is the software that I used to create my own game based on my dissertation (click Original Games above to check it out).  It is fairly easy to use the basic mechanics if you are willing to play around with it, and there is lots of help available online if you want to figure out how to do something different with the tools you are provided.

If you are interested in trying your hand at game design but don’t know a lot about programming or scripting, then this game is a great tool.  It also helps to teach you how computers “think” through concepts like space and time, cause and effect, categorization and organization, etcetera.

Check it out!

3 thoughts on “Things I Dig: RPG Maker 80% Off for Steam Holiday Sale!

    • Well, I wouldn’t say that it is easy. But if you take the time to work through this tutorial (and it will take a lot of time) then you can get a sense of how to use each of the tools provided to make maps, characters, enemies, etc.

      After that, there are lot of forums and websites that provide tutorials for specific effects you might want to create. I found that if I Googled a question along with “RPG Maker Ace.” I could almost always find an answer, or at least get pointed in the right direction.

      And I can’t even imagine trying to use this software without a keyboard and a mouse… Did you have one for your PS2?

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