Game Development Journal Part IX: Play-Testing!

The first draft of my game is finally complete!  I’m doing my first play-through now.

It’s amazing how many bugs I’ve found already and I’m only in the first area!

I also have discovered that balance in the fighting system is going to be a concern.

I hope to have an alpha version ready for public play-testing available soon.  I’m certain that other people’s eyes will be able to catch errors that I am missing.

I’m especially interested in hearing from people who don’t think of themselves as “gamers.”  What do they think of the game’s difficulty curve?  What type of information with regards to the game’s systems (battle system, equipment systems, game controls, etc) did they find confusing?

I will be crafting an instruction book and an optional tutorial and so I am curious to know what kinds of items I should include.  So much of the game play is very intuitive to me because RPG Maker Ace pretty accurately mimics the J-RPGs I played as a kid (Final Fantasy, Chrono  Trigger, Earthbound, etc).  So I wonder: for those without that same background, what types of game mechanics are not immediately and intuitively clear?

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