Game Development Journal Part VIII: Meme’s Realm, Music, and Sound Effects

At the conclusion of my game, the player will dive into a dimension of data in which the goddess/artificial intelligence Meme resides.

meme realm

Meme is, in a sense, the source of the Fake Geek Girl zombie plague.  Or rather, she is the manifestation of the mechanism by which those troubles came to be.  She is data come to life, born out of the circuits created between the minds and machines of millions of Internet users.  But as she explains to the player, specific memes like the one that is currently sweeping through her community are simply ideas that found purchase within the conceptual systems those people already had.  They are the result of patterns of beliefs about women and technology that stretch back to long before the rise of video game culture.

She regretfully informs the party that an idea, once it has gained enough purchase in a culture, cannot be destroyed.  The party, however, refuses to accept defeat and readies themselves for a fight.

Will they succeed?  You will have to play the alpha when it gets released to find out!

In addition to preparing this final game environment, I’ve also been going back and adding in music and sound effects to previous areas.  It is quite surprising how much more “game-like” and polished the world feels with these small additions!

I look forward to releasing an early version of the game soon.  I hope that anyone out there who is interested in this project will play through the game and send along their comments (and any bug reports that might crop up).


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