Things I Dig: Boss Fight Books

I have a confession to make: I am obsessed with Kickstarter.  Most of the time I just enjoy browsing for clever contraptions like this amazing cooler that I really really want (but can’t afford) or for nostalgia trips like the relaunch of Reading Rainbow.

Sometimes, though, I find a project that I am excited enough to recommend to others.  Season 2 of Boss Fight Books is one such project.

I backed the first season of Boss Fight Books because of one simple word: Earthbound.  My brother and I were lucky enough to buy a used SNES copy of Earthbound from our local video store when it closed.  We played it endlessly>  It’s quirky sensibility, playful visuals, and unforgettable music hypnotized us.  When I heard that someone was writing a book about the game, i knew I would have to have it.  So I backed Boss Fight Books, subscribing to digital versions of their first 6 books.  Each and every one was a pleasure and an inspiration to read.

Season 2 is going to be covering some more of my all time favorites including Baldur’s Gate II, Metal Gear Solid, and World of Warcraft.  Backers will also get to vote on an additional title (I’m lobbying for Maniac Mansion, Psychonauts, or Wasteland/Fallout.  Head on over and check them out!


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