Game Development Journal Part V: The First Environment and an Event Test

I’m ready to share some images of the first “stage” of my game: a convention where the player characters meet each other and where the memetic outbreak begins.

I think a con is a great location for my first game environment for a couple of reasons:

1) Practical: most of the built-in pre-made sprites have a fantasy theme.  As I learn to use the software, it is convenient to use these sprites and the convention gives me an excuse to do so despite the modern day setting of the game (cons are filled with people doing cosplay, after all!).*

2) Narrative: Thinking about the “viral” nature of memes, their dependency on communities to act as vectors as they spread, the convention is a great location for a story about an “outbreak.”  I think of it as a kind of critical mass gathering of the most enthusiastic and dedicated community members, a distillation of both the best and worst of the community gathered from across the country into one building.

The convention hall has a few rooms** including a vendor room (where players can buy equipment and potions under the guise of cosplay materials),


a concert hall,


a food court,


and, my personal favorite, an arcade where players can win tickets to put towards prizes (accessories that can boost their statistics).


Special shoutouts to Emuas for the musician sprites and to Celianna for the arcade machine sprites!

*Although, as I discussed in an earlier post, I am making a point to generate non-white sprites using the random character generator.  If anyone could pass along resources for some good modern-day sprites of various genders and races, that would be great!

**I know that these rooms are looking pretty underpopulated right now.  I’m trying to get all of my basics done before I go back through and flesh these spaces out.

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