Things I Dig: Jennifer Allaway’s Diversity in Gaming Culture Survey Project

Student researcher Jennifer Allaway is currently conducting a survey on the desire for diversity in gaming culture.

From coverage on The Escapist:

Allaway is using this situation as a case study for disparities among game developer expectations and player desires. The study comprises two surveys. One survey is specifically designed for players who are not in the games industry and asks consumers for their opinions on diversity in the games themselves, whether players feel represented in games, whether a discussion about diversity is important, and whether game developers are doing enough for diversity.

In the wake of #GamerGate (see my coverage of this debacle on Avidly) and the like, I worry that this survey is going to be inundated by troll responses.  But perhaps we can drown them out.

The consumer survey can be found here

and the developer survey is here.

Update: Jennifer Allaway is the latest target of a subset of the #GamerGate movement.  She describes her experience with them here.

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