CFP: Harlot Special Issue: Crafting and DIY Rhetorics

I’m excited to announce that I will be serving as an editor for a special issue of Harlot: A Revealing Look at the Arts of Persuasion on Crafting and DIY Rhetorics.

Possible areas of focus include:


Craft: What does the influence and constraint of DIY practices tell us about our field and society? As a crafter, how does the materiality or purpose of your craft engagement impact your crafting process? What alternative lenses may craft and DIY practices offer to personal, social, or academic structures?

Community: What may/do craft-focused communities reveal about conceptions of production, culture, writing, or audience, production, and culture? What impact do differences (such as in craft processes, materials, genres, and uneven access) among communities reveal about the multivalent significance of craft production today? As a crafter, what communities do you seek out, and how does collaboration and composition work within them? How might we analyze and consider social media platforms that are integrated with these craft and DIY practices? What kinds of statements are made possible by these handcrafted items and alternative DIY delivery systems?

Activism: In what ways does the work of DIY, craft community building, encourage, enable, allow for, and constrain activist work? What are some of the tensions between making things and making social change?  Is there anything inherently activist about DIY?

Identity: In what ways does the activity of crafting/making/doing-it-yourself shape your sense of self? How others perceive you? Your role in your community? What is the relationship between your identity as crafter and your other identities? What are the boundaries of a crafter identity?

Futures: Where do you see craft/DIY/maker movements/etc. going in the next 5 years? 10? 50?

For more info, see our website.

I’m looking forward to reading your contributions!

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