Call for Papers: Memory Insufficient E-Zine on Games History

I wanted to pass this CFP from Zoya Street along.  The due date is coming up fast, so be sure to get your submissions ready ASAP!

Disability and Games History Call for Submissions

Games and play are an important part of life for everybody, but not everybody can access games equally. This month, Memory Insufficient takes on the theme of disability, to highlight physical and mental diversity in games history.  Every issue’s topic title can be read in any order. For example, you could write about how a particular use of technology or design was disabling or enabling; examples might include 3D sound, early dot matrix screens, or changes in print technologies used for table games. You might write about a game developer whose work has been informed by their experiences of physical or mental difference. Alternatively, you could analyse the way a game portrays the history of disability.  The term ‘disability’ represents contested ideas that affect the lives of countless people; as political scientist David Pfieffer
said, ‘it is the idea of “normal” which is disabling.’ Memory Insufficient celebrates those histories that upturn ‘normal’.
Any kind of history will be accepted: social, biographic, documentary, personal, descriptive or polemical. Submissions are unlikely to be rejected for being ‘not history,’ because nobody has the authority to decide what that means. Likewise, nobody has the authority to decide what a game is. Both digital and non-digital games are acceptable subjects of study.
Feel free to get in touch with any questions or suggestions.
The deadline is 15th October, but earlier is much appreciated.
Send them to or tweet @rupazer
Happy writing!  Get to work everyone!

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